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Suspire project has been presented in the European process industry conference held the 19 th September in Brussels. This conference has been hosted by the SPIRE cPPP platform and has congregated to more than 300 representatives of the industry, universities and research and development centers. A whole picture of the […]

SusPIRE project has presented its advances in the EU process ...

The 16th and 17th March 2017 took place the 18 month meeting of SusPIRE project. All partners involved in the project attended the meeting. The project evolves succesfully and significant results have been obtained in areas such as energy accumulation, energy transmission, new heat exchange and accumulation equipments and data […]

The SusPIRE 18 month follow up meeting has taken place ...

MET has participated in the International Conference “Environmental Engineering”. Conference will be held in Vilnius, 27-28 April 2017. In this conference a paper with the title of Analysis of possibilities to use Phase Change Materials in Heat Exchangers-Accumulators will be presented. This paper has been written down with the collaboration […]

Dissemination of SusPIRE results

The 20th and 21st September has been held at Zae Bayern Facilities in Würzburg(Germany) the 12 month follow up meeting of SusPIRE proyect. The meeting with the attendance of all project partners took place during  two consecutive days with the aim of discussing the project evolution and the correct fulfillment of […]

The 12 month SusPIRE follow up meeting was held in ...

The 21st and 22nd of March will atke place the second consortium meeting of the project SusPIRE. The project will take place in the facilities of IK4-TEKNIKER. A detailed follow up of the deliverables technical content and degree of development will be done. Administrative and economical aspects will also be […]

New follow up meeting of SusPIRE project