SusPIRE 28M follow up meeting takes place at MET´s facilities in Vilnius Lithuania.

The SusPIRE 28 month follow up meeting took place the 9th and 10th April at MET´s facilities in Vilnius Lithuania. A general revision of project activities took place, being the most remarkable aspects: Works have started at PCB´s facilities with the installatin of the New Borehole Thermal Storage System (BTES). Security issues were raised related to the use fo silicon based heat transfer fluids, that has led to the introduction of new safety measures in the design of the high temperature heat transfer equipments. Smart data management system of energy related variables has ended up in the installation of temperature, humidity and wind sensors in the climate controlled rooms. Management of critical variales of shell room has been carried out with the smart software identifying areas with higher temperature and higher varaition ranges affecting to the final quality of the product.