The 12 month SusPIRE follow up meeting was held in September at ZAE Bayern facilities

The 20th and 21st September has been held at Zae Bayern Facilities in Würzburg(Germany) the 12 month follow up meeting of SusPIRE proyect. The meeting with the attendance of all project partners took place during  two consecutive days with the aim of discussing the project evolution and the correct fulfillment of the grant agreeemt established plan. The meeting minutes included a  sequential revision of the already closed WP2 and the evolution of actually running WP3 and WP4. WP3 includes the design of the energy recovery system represented in the P&ID diagram and is running succesfully pendining only in details related to the fial design of the heat exchanger and  in the conexion between low temperature and hign temperature circuits. WP4 deals with the selection of HTF and PCM that already has been performed pending on small improvements on their thermal characteristis. Also is a mayor issue the  heat exchangers design that being quite advanced are pending to be finished due to their sensitive integration into the existing equipments in the manufacturing plant. Aministrative and financial aspects have been displayed showing no remarkable deviations. The project is facing a critical stage as far as expected energy recovery results will be confirmed by the simulations that will be carried out once the equipments and the energy recovery lay out design will be finished.