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MET was founded in 2007 by the researchers and developers working on FP projects in the field of renewable energy, heat and storage systems and specialty chemicals for PV industry with the aim to develop and up-scale technologies for industry. The company has a decentralised organizational structure consisting of a renewable technologies department in Vilnius (dedicated to energy applications from the renewable sources such as photovoltaic and geothermal energy; providing energy efficiency solutions), Amiagus research department in Kaunas (developing new catalytic materials, plasma spray technologies solutions, chemistry, design and engineering of equipment in the field of catalysts at laboratory and pilot scale of application) and a chemical laboratory in Visaginas equipped with all necessary tools for preparation and testing of sol-gels and aerogels. The company has a wide experience of implementing FP7 projects and the projects funded by the EU Structural Funds. In 2013 the company was acknowledged by the EC as the most active high-tech SME in FP7 in Lithuania.

The contribution of MET will be design and manufacturing of low and high temperature heat exchangers and participation in the development of of control systems and installations based on the results and know-how gained from the previous R&D projects related to concentrated solar power, heat exchangers, design of control systems for heat exchange installations and the development and use of aerogels and other structured materials in relation to steel surfaces, namely the FP7 Research for SMEs project “Competitive stationary low concentrating solar module of novel design”, the FP7 research for SMEs project “Development of high EFFiciency Stirling HEAT pump” (EFFiHEAT), the FP7 demonstration project “Demonstration of high EFFiciency Stirling HEAT pump” (EFFiHEAT-DEMO), the FP7 Research for SME project “Ultra-thin conductive ceramic mesh to monitor stress and wear on a steel surface” (MESMESH). MET will work in close cooperation with the project partner to define the requirements for basic design of heat storage sink and related heat exchanges and will contribute to bench testing of the heat recovery and storage system intergrated with cooling cycle interfaced with heat storage unit.


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