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Telur Geotermia y agua, S.A. is a private company which started its activities in July of 2009. Is located in Durango in IK-4 Azterlan Building, in the Basque country, however the places where its works are developed transcends the Basque Country, along different places of Spain, or even with possibilities of working out of Spain.

IK4-Azterlan Metallurgical Searching Centre disposes of an operative geothermal installation of 200 kW since March of 2006, designed and made by technical team of Telur.

We make up a multidisciplinary team with an experience of more than 25 years in groundwater and geothermal energy. We are experts in exploration, evaluation, exploitation and monitoring groundwaters and responsible for several first projects of closed loop, high power geothermal exchange systems in our country, more than 100 kW.

Our goal is that geothermal energy reaches a significant contribution to renewable sources mix, with minimum economic cost and maximum quality, security and sustainability assurance.

We have our own technology and know how. We are able to deal all the stages that a high power geothermal exchange project involves with our means, avoiding depending on technological suppliers.


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Location: Aliendalde Auzunea, 6 48200 Durango, Bizkaia