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The activities of Tecnodelta stem from the joint experience of two owner with several years of operating experience in the field of design and implementation of customized plants and safety systems for the utilization and handling of special fluids. The unique and significant expertise in the field of special fluids have contributed to the development of a specific know-how, ranging from the design to the full implementation of specialized plants. The structure of Tecnodelta provide the best possible expertise to tackle any type of problem dealing with special fluids, linked to either process issues or construction and commissioning, in full accordance with the highest and most modern standards of Quality, Safety and Reliability.

The main areas of Industrial Application of the special design and development expertise of Tecnodelta are:

  • Plants for the Storage and Distribution of dangerous fluids (toxic, flammable, corrosive…)
  • Specialized systems for the vaporization of cryogenic fluids and of liquefied compressed gases
  • Development of systems and equipments to be used in the field of alternative energies (hydrogen)
  • Plants for the reduction of undesirable waste products, for the recovery of valuable components and the abatement of gaseous emissions
  • Customized networks for the distribution of special gases utilized for special industrial applications, such as in the semiconductors and aerospace industries, and in research organizations
  • Specialized equipments for the mixing, recycling and purifìcation of specialty gases
  • Customized refrigeration plants for several applications
  • Safety systems for dangerous fluids.

Activities of Tecnodelta

  • Tecnodelta is dedicated to the professional management of the overall range of activities associated with the design, construction and commissioning.

Process Analysis and Project Design

  • Every individual process is carefully analyzed and all the chemical and physical caracteristìcs of the fluids to be handled are included in a detailed and specific risk analysis, in the project design and in the development of customized operating procedures; the design is supported by the use of advanced CAD techniques and by solid modelling.

Plants Construction, Commissioning and Testing

Tecnodelta is fully committed to the creation of high quality equipments and plants utilizing highiy specialized assembly and welding techniques such as:

  • Manual T.I.G. welding on stainless steel and special alloys (Monel, Hastelloy, InconeL.) for plants designed for operating pressures up 300 bar
  • Automatic orbital welding for ultrapure processes
  • Brazing with silver alloys

Every welding process follows strict standardized procedures and is carried out by our certified personnel in accordance with the most rigorous european standards.

When needed, leak testing is performed following specific non-destructive tests and methodologies such as:

  • Helium leak-test by mass spectrometry
  • Ammonia leak-test according to the ASTM E 1066-95 (2000) norms


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Web: http://www.tecnodeltaimpianti.com/

Location: Via Francesco Parigi 5H – Zona Industriale Chind – 10034 Chivasso (To) – Italy