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Qpunkt was established in 2008 in Graz, Austria. Since then it has grown rapidly and has now over 100 employees with branches in Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg, Munich and Stuttgart. Where the automotive giants are at home, Qpunkt as an engineering service provider is never far away. Qpunkt has great expertise and experience in the fields of thermal management, fluid flows and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In this way its work comprises simulation, testing and measurements mainly for companies from the automotive industry, but also from other areas such as aviation, railway and R&D. Its activities also include research & development and consulting for complex projects. Its excellent knowledge of thermodynamics is often a major factor when solving problems in the fields of architecture, energy, electronics and industry. As overall development partner Qpunkt covers virtual and physical development and assist in problem solving by implementing the most efficient value-adding methods from the first project second until start of production. Customer orientation is the focus: its services are always tailored to individual needs and specifications.


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Web: http://www.qpunkt.at/