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PCB is a new world class precision foundry located in the Basque Country(Spain), focused in providing solutions to gas turbine manufactures and industry for investment Casting Products of high integrity and quality with the aim of being source of continuous competitive advantages for customers. PCB is a company of ITP Group and it is a state of the art investment casting facility incorporating the most advanced technology both for engineering & manufacturing as well as for management processes.

PCB is an Energy intensive companies where energy supposes more that 8% of its annual turnover. This projects responds to different challenges this company is facing:

  • Main customer as AIRBUS, SAFRAN, BOEING are pushing towards a green business where partners are involved in developing sustainable products.
  • European and regional authorities are pushing for a 20% of energy consumption reduction in all sectors as part of the SET and RIS3 plans.
  • This company is pushed by social to demonstrate a environmental and social engagement to become integrated in the surrounding urban environment.

The economical and social continuity of this types of industries in Europe is questioned as it depends on energy costs and environmental impact. This project is a real opportunity for the company and for energy intensive industries to be able to assure their continuity achieving more sustainable manufacturing conditions and products. The different number of existing residual heat streams and their nature allows the transversal transfer of the developed technologies to other processes and segment markets. The company is surrounded by sports centres, police stations and living areas that together with the town council engagement allos the commercialization of surplus energy to third parties.



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Web: http://www.pcb.es/