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IK4-AZTERLAN is a private and independent Technological centre with non-profit aim and more than 30 years of experience. Is located in Durango in the Basque country a dense industrialized area with very important producers of parts and assemblies for sectors as aeronautic, automotive, railways, metal mechanic industry , foundries, wind energy…The company has recently integrated the IK4 RESEARCH ALLIANCE and has strong cooperation ties with Universities and European Technological Centres.IK4-AZTERLAN has an staff of 100 high qualified professionals and the main mission of the company is to improve the competitiveness of the local and European industry by the development of research and innovation activities.

Actually is carrying out three European projects under the FPVII programme with the final aim of achieving more sustainable processes or products. The strategic lines of the centre are in line with the Research & innovation smart specialization strategy (RIS) of the Basque Country region. Advance manufacturing and energy are two of this specialization areas where IK4-AZTERLAN is playing an important role in metal companies (most of them energy intensive companies) to incorporate smart management systems in the management of their production processes (PROJECT IPRO). During the last 5 years an intensive job has been performed and different equipments and software have been developed for:

  • Real time process performance controls (numerical simulation methods in real time, thermal analysis of solidification of alloys).
  • Specific software to aid production planning, control and calculation have been developed for different process stages.
  • Smart software capable to define actuation protocols based on previously defined critical variables and Key Process Indicators (KPIs)..

The smart software SALOMON is part of advance manufacturing systems that are actually becoming used in production plants to assist in achieving objectives in terms of productivity and quality. This smart methodology developed by IK4-AZTERLAN based in an adaptable software can be used for energy saving applications. The expertise of IK4-AZTERLAN in this production process and in advance manufacturing together with the complementary knowledge of the rest of the partners assure the correct adaptation of the Smart software in this project.


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